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  • Big Digit Weatherstation Extra Sensor

    Big Digit...

    Extra transmitter sensor for SmartWeather large digit weather station

    £ 7,00
  • Extra sensor for SmartWeather 1280 Wireless Station

    Extra sensor for...

    An additional sensor for our Wireless Weather Station 1280

    £ 9,00
  • Replacement wind sensor for pro weather station WH2080

    Replacement wind sensor...

    Wind Speed Sensor for Professional Weather Station Model Number : WH2080   This is a wind speed sensor part only

    £ 10,00
  • SmartWeather Big Digit Weatherstation

    SmartWeather Big Digit...

    The wireless SmartWeather weather station provides precise outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity readings, min/max records and the option of Celsius or Fahrenheit. The display console features a flip out stand so it can be placed anywhere, but like the sensor it can be mounted on a wall and supports up to 8 additional sensor transmitters....

    £ 20,00
  • SmartWeather Pro Weatherstation WH2080

    SmartWeather Pro...

    Are you a typical British weather junkie?  We love nothing better than bemoaning the fact its too hot/cold/wet!!!  Our advanced weather station will measure wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity. With a forecaster function too you can always be prepared for four seasons in one day!

    £ 99,00
  • Solar Digital Window Thermometer V2

    Solar Digital Window...

    A solar powered digital window thermometer - a handy little gadget that you can stick up and will never need new batteries. The LCD display converts between Celsius and Farenheit.

    £ 8,00
  • Solar Pro Weather station with PC hookup

    Solar Pro Weather...

    Wireless weather station with outdoor sensors powered by solar. Recording Wind, Temp, Rain,  and Pressure. All the weather data from the base station and weather history data with user adjustable measuring intervals can be recorded and uploaded to your PC so you can monitor and analyse your recordings.

    £ 99,00
  • TOP 10 WINES - USA

    TOP 10 WINES - USA

    Nose at the ready, this wine guidebook will have you an expert in no time. Featuring top ten lists, photographs, maps and expert tips, this Dorling Kindersley guide will help you choose and understand the many beautiful wines the USA has to offer. This book comes free with any GadgetsUK purchase.

    £ 0,00
  • Weather Station & Plant Sensor
    On sale!

    Weather Station & Plant...

    Love houseplants but forget to water them?  Use the weatherstation along with the plant sensor to keep an eye on moisture levels and your plants will never be thirsty again! The display will alert you when your soil is too dry - great for use in a greenhouse or conservatory where plants can become dry very quickly.

    £ 25,00
  • Weather Station with Digital Photo Frame
    On sale!

    Weather Station with...

    A wireless digital colour weather station that is packed with features and also has a 7" digital photo frame that can be used with or without the weather function.   The weather station has a wireless sensor to monitor wind, rain, temperature, barometric weather forecast, average wind speed...

    £ 89,00
  • Wireless Weather Station

    Wireless Weather Station

    A great wireless weather station with remote sensor (100m range). Provides accurate temperature readings for indoors and outdoors. It has loads of other features including weather forecaster based on barometer readings ,so it will give you an indication whether to take your sun hat or umbrella when you leave the house. 

    £ 20,00